Mary Otis



Yes, Yes, Cherries Ti‍‍‍n House Books


“When the Half-Listening Meet the Half-Truthful” My First Novel, Writers’ Tribe Books ‍‍‍‍‍‍

“Odin, King of Hearts” Woof: Fiction Writers on Dogs, Viking

“Pilgrim Girl”‍‍‍ Tales of Love and Sex‍‍‍, Tin House

“Five-Minute Hearts” Best New American Voices Anthology‍‍‍, Harcourt

“On Alice Munro” L‍‍‍os Angeles Review of Books ‍‍‍


“On Jayne Anne Phillips” McSweeney’s

"‍‍‍How I Teach” UC Riverside Website

“Where I Live” The Los Angeles Ti‍‍‍mes ‍‍‍

Book Reviews

Between My Father and the King ‍‍‍by Janet Frame The Rumpus ‍‍‍

Swimming by Nicole Keegan ‍‍‍The Rumpus

“Velocitation” ‍‍‍Los Angeles Review of Books, Special Fiction Issue

“When Writing is an Emergency”‍‍‍ The Nervous Breakdown

Short Stories

‍‍‍“ToothLos Angeles Review of Books

“Fl‍‍‍ight” Zyzzyva, No. 99

“Where We Missed Was Everywhere” Electric Literature‍‍‍, No. 6

“Picture Head”The Alaska Qu‍‍‍arterly Review, Vol. 24

“Unstruck” ‍‍‍Tin House No. 24

“Welcome to Yosemite”‍‍‍ Cincinnati Review‍‍‍, Vol. 1.1

“Pilgrim Girl” T‍‍‍in House, No. 14